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Lymphoedema & Oncology Services

For post-cancer care & management of odema, primary & secondary lymphoedema & lipodema


Lymphoedema is the accumulation of fluid in the tissues caused by problems in the lymphatic system. This chronic condition usually affects the arms & legs & can be debilitating & disfiguring. 

Physiotherapy focuses on managing swelling & preventing the disease progressing.

We do this through: 

- Manual Lymphatic Drainage: a specific massage technique to improve lymph flow & move the oedema

- Compression: either compression bandaging or garment

- Skin care & dietary advice: to avoid infection, & promote healthy eating habits for weight management

- Exercise: one of the most important management tools. During movement muscles naturally act in a pumping fashion to enhance lymphatic return. Physio guidance is important to avoid repetitive overload on the affected limb. 

Massage Therapy


This unfortunate condition is caused by abnormal fatty tissue deposits, usually in both legs. It is often confused with lymphoedema. However if the excess fat cells place strain on the lymphatic system it can also lead to the build up of fluid and a condition called lipo-lymphoedema occurs. 

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Oncology Support

After a cancer diagnosis & treatment, rehabilitation is often recommended to aid recovery, return to normal function & reach your goals. 

Through education, hands on physio, prescription of functional strength exercises & breathing techniques, Physiotherapy can help with: 

- Cording

- Post surgical or radiotherapy scar tissue tightness

- Reduced joint range of motion

- Cancer related fatigue

- Return to work and into exercise, gym or sport

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