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Women's Wellnest has been created from the necessity for all women to have access to pelvic physiotherapy.

 Nurturing your health from your home. 

Helen Swift is a passionate advocate for Women’s Wellness. She is here to help Women optimise their health through life, so that they can achieve a fuller life

Fascinated by movement, exercise and health from a young age, Helen graduated from a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (with Honours) and Bachelor of Exercise Science in 2011. Helen is continuously upskilling her qualifications and expertise with a passion and focus in Women’s Health physiotherapy, Pre- and Postnatal care, Pilates (reformer and mat) and as a Lymphoedema therapist.

Helen’s experience working in both private and public sectors across Australia and the UK has solidified her belief that a personalised, holistic approach to each Woman's journey is the essence of gold standard care. Bringing wellness back into the home, Helen prides herself in taking the time to discuss each Woman’s needs and becoming a trusted member of their support network.

For over a decade, Helen has worked collaboratively with musculoskeletal physiotherapists and other birthing, fitness and health professionals, providing her with a unique perspective in stabilisation of the lumbopelvic region. Combining her Women’s health training with training in dry needling, Helen is well positioned to address musculoskeletal issues often exaggerated during times of hormonal change.

Helen has called Noosa home since 2014 and can be seen cycling with her children and dog, as well as taking advantage of everything Noosa has to offer.


My Philosophy

"Good health and happiness starts in the home"


With the beautiful birth of my Son in 2017, followed two years later by my wonderful Daughter, I learnt first hand the challenges many  Mothers face.


It is not easy to recover from the miracle of growing & birthing a human, nurturing an infant, managing a household & the multitude of other tasks that a mother does - typically on little-to-no sleep & minimal help.

I know all too well how life moves on & how we as Women have an uncanny ability to deprioritise our health for the sake of family, time or work.  Our bodies begin to show early signs of dysfunction, that often get inappropriately labelled as 'common' or ignored for fear such symptoms are considered 'Taboo'. So we adapt or mask unresolved issues in whatever way we can. More often than not, the impact to our bodies is not felt for quite some time, years even.  One thing is for certain, unresolved issues always find a way to impact a Woman's quality of life.

Thankfully prioritising one's health & well-being can be as simple as one small change in a daily habit.

It is my intention to empower each woman to: 

  • reconnect their instincts,

  • take control of their health; &

  • prevent illness. 


And what better way to start that in the comforting environment of your home. 

Let's work together to create a community of happy, healthy and wonderful mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends.

"With knowledge and understanding you can be empowered to be in control of your health." 

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